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Family guy S08E20 (Something, Something, Something, Dark Side)
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family guy family guy star wars star wars S08E20
2009-12-10 23:12:43 GMT

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Family guy S08E20, the star wars episode 5 episode (Something, Something, Something, Dark Side). 
I promise you, this is the real deal!


Fake? Just finished downloading and .avi file works just fine for me...
Dodgy rar files why do folk do that when they know its a bad sign of the usual hidden virus

anyway im inpatient on seeing this so i'll give it a go will comment wether its real or not wen its finished d'loadin
This is defo the real deal thanks uploader so so much :D
Def a rar pack of Rewards release. DVD Rip thanks for the up.

Couldn't hurt to have Something Something Darkside in the title though.
i just watched it is real thanx a lot for upload i laughed my ass off cant wait for pt 3 :) great upload
this is real

flawless dvd 4:3 quality, both audio and sound
Top quality and smooth d/[email protected] - thanks seeders!
this is the funniest thing i have seen in a long time. This is a must for any star wars or family guy fan. DOWNLOAD IT, it's worth it just for the snow walker scenes. Quality is great,you will not regret it.
seems alot like a commercials
and yes NO story line
This is real, and i apologize for leaving. But i am having some problems with my connection.
Awesome, i knew they would make another after Blue Harvest :D
And its for real, no fake.

Thanks, mate!
B-RaDiCaL, your comments are ample proof of what a clueless fuck you really are.

Lekarn90, you just knew this would be coming? Wow a true prophet you are. Oh, and the fast it was announced almost 2 years ago had nothing to do with you prophecy I bet. Now did the Trailer on the Blue Harvest dvd...

Thanks for the up.
Almost forgot about 2cents... Have you ever though of thinking before sticking both feet in your mouth? Go play in traffic and leave the oxygen for for those with some semblance of a brain.

Um, B-RaDiCaL Episode 10 was Big Man on Hippocampus "U DUMB FUCK ."
were is the rest of the episodes from E9 and up,
i don't fine none of them thats fuck up
from e9 and up and now is e20 what the fuck is this
jvbambam: This particular episode has been leaked long before it would have been aired, the other episodes in between haven't been realeased yet.
Technically this is to be S08E21 according to ... and for those wondering what happened to the episodes in between, here's how this is working:

Something Something Something Dark Side is being released on DVD on December 22 2009.

Something Somethign Something Dark Side is being aired on FOX on May 16 2010.

So relax, you didn't miss anything, the episodes in between will start airing after the holidays. This particular episode is just making it to DVD before it airs on TV.

And since the DVD release date isn't till Dec 22, looks like someone got their hands on a copy early :) Thank you!
NOT A FAKE!! Just download the damn thing
yeh i believe this is being aired on tv and classed as a special rather than an actual episode, just like blue harvest, thats why its labeled as ep20 because it wont be in the regular run of eps on the season 8 dvd but a separate ep for extra dvd sales coz there gonna milk it for all its worth being liked by both family guy fans and star wars fans
guys, just grab this. this is real one.
kind of bonus episode i think
don't be talky like a girl
thanx :) been waiting for this :)
Downloading @ 2.2MB/s This is really nice, thank you Cancain for the upload.
Its real. Its supposed to be on DVD next two weeks. Good post!
@killerdemon - Read my post before reporting fake/incorrect. You obviously didn't read the whole comment thread before posting. I explained why it's tagged S08E20 (and techincally it's wrong, it's going to be S08E21 anyways according to a Episode Guide website)

This is the real deal, I promise you all you aren't wasting your time, and if you are wondering what I'm talking about, read my comment on comment page 1.
Great Quality!! A10 V10, thanks to uloader!!
I am not sure if it was this torrent, it could've been something else I did, but shortly after extracting the files I got the windows protect virus.
I just finished downloading the rar files.
I can't extract the .avi because it's looking for something like this:


You know as my name implies... well, you get the idea!

Scratch my previous post, I felt so silly after discovering the missing file was separated from the others. I just finished extracting it and started watching 10 minutes after my previous post.

This is the real deal!!! No viruses!!!

Thanks dude!
i hope its good! testing......... nope
i take it back all of it back