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Lynda .com After Effects CS4 Beyond The Basics DVD
2009-07-19 18:42:29 GMT
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In After Effects CS4 Beyond the Basics, Chad Perkins explores advanced techniques for working with motion graphic elements, animation, color correction, and more. Chad provides tips for working more efficiently, and then moves on to advanced effects, detailed masking techniques, and real-world expressions. Integrating Photoshop into the After Effects workflow is also highlighted.

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I've been waiting a while for this one...curious to see what changes from the CS3 training series.
Yes!! i almost grew old waiting lol but ty bro!!!
Thanx bro.. nice upload
cant seem to get the video tutorials to work. I get an error message or quicktime just wont launch.
@ starvingartist505

use vlc player
please seed?
*PING* *PING* *PING* 339 errors when Trying to unzip this, go somewhere else for this one folks
@ phantazmo

your unzipping it wrong. Use the latest 7-zip or use the 7-zip beta to unzip it properly. Usually winRAR and winZip wont extract the .7z files right
this is fast!!!!! thank u seeders!!!
and gordsmash fir the files :)
.... huh this 7z file unzips bad in iArchiver :(

7-zip is a windows only software...
any suggestions for your mac buddies?

I will run it through vitual box.....
But this will just take longer then I thought.
Good thing the download was fast!!! ha
thanks this come in right time, many thanks for share
To All Of My Awesome Supporters
At the end of this week I am stepping down from the gordsmash title and giving it to my pal. I want to thank everyone for supporting gordsmash and uploading my torrents to keep them alive! I hoped that everyone of you has enjoyed my torrents! I want to thank all of you for supporting me! Thank you all and goodbye!
thank you VERY much! :)
thank you for the upload mate. That speed was slick. WinRar didnt extract it properly so Had to use Win-7. If you get an error with winzip or winrar, dont blame the torrent. Just use Win-7 or something like it. Cheers
Just clicked "Download this torrent" but I already want to thank you for the torrent! :)