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Machinery's Handbook Guide - 28th Edition (Malestrom)
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2009-07-19 16:35:43 GMT
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Machinery's Handbook Guide ~ 28th Edition(Including Contents of CDROM)
Industrial Press | ISBN-10 / ASIN:0831128992 | 2008-02-15 | PDF | 3455 Pages

Completely updated and revised to reflect the changes and additions made to the Handbook, this Guide will enable users to maximize the enormous practical value available from Machinery's Handbook. Features - Illustrates through hundreds of examples, solutions, and questions how to take full advantage of the Handbook to solve the types of problems typically encountered in drafting rooms, machine shops and on the factory floor. - Allows you to quickly become more thoroughly familiar with the vast range of contents found in the Handbook. - By practicing the many practical techniques explained in this Guide, you will be able to obtain the solution or information needed to resolve on-the-job problems


Where do you get all this stuff. You are my hero!!

Thanks a million :)
Thank you for so much great info.
Holy cow! Great technical manual, one of the de-facto bibles of mechanical engineering. Thanks!
damn i'm blown away ur my true hero

Please do not interpret this as me being ungrateful, but I noticed that some of the sections are missing. The CNC section, for example, is missing from what I recall to be Section 12. Do you have the original images from the scans? If so, I can provide a detailed listing of what is missing. Thanks so much for your efforts.
Sorry Guys - But I get a "Bad Encrypt Dictionay" Error.!!
great work malestorm, but your missing pages, skips from 1570 to 1708 which sucks, see if you can fix it :)
Awesome thanks man
Crashes my pdf viewer wtf
malestrom_HH, Thanks a Lot!
After years of retiremnet, I came back to make designsm CAD, CAM and Programming; I lost my handy "charts" (my son's got them while traveling) and TODAY my MH26edition have (for some reason) lost all pages, only 3. I Panic (it's 300x faster to search than to read).
I DL both of your MHB Torrents (editions 27 & 28)
Again, Thanks a Lot!!!!
Thank you for the upload!!!
It crashes my PDF viewer as well - was going to repair it in Acrobat, but the damn thing is "SECURED." :-(
On a positive note, they still have the 27th edition up, which seems to work fine:
Thanks, Malestrom!
thank you very much, desperately needed this
gears are sweet
One more thanks
I don't care what your mother says about you, you're ok in my book. Excellent as always! Big fan, thank you.
Thank you.
I tried repairing the defective PDF using Advanced PDF Repair 1.1, which resulted in a slightly larger "fixed" file of 18,807 Kb compared to 18,165 Kb for the original PDF. Although the missing pages 1571-1707 could be accessed in the "fixed" file, all the pages of the entire book were blank, at least using the version of Acrobat Reader currently installed. The blank pages may be the result of the original PDF being "secured".